AIM is a security solution with advanced management capabilities. It protects company systems by establishing logical boundaries and measuring their security compliance. Built for current and next-generation network topologies, it adds layered security where conventional firewalls have outplayed their role.


Identity-based network access to each server radically reduces the attack surface. High-security objects can be protected with role-based access control and strong encryption of data traffic.

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The powerful System Center reporting engine makes it easy to produce reports and overview images showing how the server environment complies with stipulated requirements.

Powerful reports help you visualize your environment.


It is simple to see whether unauthorized changes are made on a server. Traceability of orders and approvals of firewall configurations can be achieved through integrated processes and approval flows.

Compliance made easy - a security admins dream.

AIM delivers the no 1 Critical Security Control as defined by SANS Institute

While cyber threats continue to rise, many organizations still rely on conventional firewalls and centrally placed security equipment trying to hinder attacks by monitoring network focal points. Unfortunately, this has proven ineffective.

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